A short trip on Gulang Island in Xiamen (1)

I have planed to go to Xiamen for quite a long time. Finally, I can have a chance to visit this wonderful city.

Gulang Island , Xiamen

Xiamen, also known as Amoy, is one of the most romantic places in China. In 1842, it became the treaty port because of the Treaty of Nanking. Therefore, the architecture in Xiamen is predominantly Victorian-era style.

Gulang Island , Xiamen

There are many flights from Beijing to Xiamen. It costs me about 3 hours to get Xiamen. I was very excited because I can finally visit this dreaming place and taste the local snakes and dishes. Great!

Gulang Island , Xiamen

Chinese Geography is a very famous magazine in China. It once gave such a high accomplishment to Gulang Island, the main island of Xiamen, that “the most beautiful island ”.

Gulang Island , Xiamen

Gulang Island, you can also call it the “Drum Wave Islet”, is a nisland off the southwest coast of Xiamen, Fujian province in southern China. It is 2 square kilometers (0.77 sq mi) in area. More than 20,000 citizens live on this island. Gulang Island is a hot tourist destination because of its romantic and fabulous scenery.

Gulang Island , Xiamen


The night of the Palace Museum (2)

I prefer to call this place the Forbidden City. Such a simple name carries countless stories of this city.

For over hundred years, people and stories changed. The unchanging thing is these buildings.

 the Forbidden City

The Forbidden City is located in the center of Beijing. From the Ming Dynasty to the end of the Qing Dynasty, it was the palace for Chinese emperors. The palace is about 720,000㎡.

There is a river outside the palace. It is called the moat which used to protect the palace from the war.

 the Forbidden City

I always hold the opinion that more fantastic things needs further distance to be appreciated. This night, when I am wandering the walls of the Forbidden City, I seem to hear her singing.

 the Forbidden City

I love night. I love water. Therefore, at this night, seeing this river, I finally find the peace at the bottom of my heart.

The night of the Palace Museum (1)

Night and day, dark and white, they are all the two sides of one thing. They are conflicted and united……

the night of the palace museum

Beijing is a historical city with perspective energy. She is old but not fading. She is modern but not cold. Beijing is like a cup of fresh tea which needs you to taste slowly to find its special perfume.

the night of the palace museum

Every time I think of this historical city, the first impression comes to my mind is the Palace Museum.

the night of the palace museum

I love the night of Beijing. It makes me feel like the whole city belongs to me.

the night of the palace museum

I prefer to call it the Forbidden City than the Palace Museum. That simple name carries fundamental history and stories.

the night of the palace museum

The Sunset of Great Walls (2)

In today’s post, I want to share more photos of my trip to Great wall.

Great wall,sunset

The sunset of great wall is really fantastic. We were lucky that the day we climb the walls was really good.

When I climb on the top of the mountain, I found the best spot for my camera. All my tiredness was sweeping away when the cool wind breezing my face.

Great wall,sunset

I hired a local farmer to help me carry my equipments to the top of Great wall. This photo is that farmer. He was having a rest on the ground. So leisure!

Great wall,sunset

The sunset is like a beautiful poem. There is a famous Chinese poem:

The sunset is charming, only that it is near dusk.

Great wall,sunset

The Sunset of Great Walls (1)

I took many pictures of the sunrise of Great Walls. However, I hadn’t done the sunset yet. Therefore, in this warm and breeze spring afternoon, I came here to record the thrilling beauty of Great Walls in sun set.

sunset,Great Walls

The flowers of peach trees on the mountain are in full blossom. The blossom flowers suggest us that we are already in the deep spring.

sunset,Great Walls

When the nightfall was approaching, the temperature dropped. And the wind on the mountain top became a little bit cold. I was breathtaking when I saw the first light of sunset spilt on the walls. It is so amazing!

sunset,Great Wallssunset,Great Walls

The Complains

Recently, there are a lot of complains around me. Basically there are three types:

what did I do? What am I doing? What will I do?


Time slightly pushes us away. We are not at the age which can dream anything we like any more. At that time, we are talking about our ambitions and eager to fulfill our future. At that time, we thought we had plenty of time and opportunities. At that time, Bright future is like the North Star in the sky, we just keep going will finally reach the destination.


However, after graduation, all the colorful dreams are fade way. We have to face the reality. Now I have the deep feel that, I lost myself on my way.


Spring Travel

Spring is a colorful word. It give s people hope, joy and energy.

Last weekends I came back home. On my way home, I was surprised to find that we have already in the spring time!

The small town I live in is nearby a beautiful freshwater lake. I remember that when I was young, I used to having a spring tour at there. The lake carries my childhood memories and happy ever time. I clearly bare in mind that there are endless golden flowers near the bank of that lake. My father was flying a kite with me.

How time flies! Now I am a grown-up girl. This time when I back home, I made a spring travel again around the lake. The view around the lake change greatly. The unchanged thing is the peaceful and shinny lake. It always makes me clam down and feel peaceful. All the unhappy thought are flying away with the breezed wind.


photo from the internet