A short trip on Gulang Island in Xiamen (1)

I have planed to go to Xiamen for quite a long time. Finally, I can have a chance to visit this wonderful city.

Gulang Island , Xiamen

Xiamen, also known as Amoy, is one of the most romantic places in China. In 1842, it became the treaty port because of the Treaty of Nanking. Therefore, the architecture in Xiamen is predominantly Victorian-era style.

Gulang Island , Xiamen

There are many flights from Beijing to Xiamen. It costs me about 3 hours to get Xiamen. I was very excited because I can finally visit this dreaming place and taste the local snakes and dishes. Great!

Gulang Island , Xiamen

Chinese Geography is a very famous magazine in China. It once gave such a high accomplishment to Gulang Island, the main island of Xiamen, that “the most beautiful island ”.

Gulang Island , Xiamen

Gulang Island, you can also call it the “Drum Wave Islet”, is a nisland off the southwest coast of Xiamen, Fujian province in southern China. It is 2 square kilometers (0.77 sq mi) in area. More than 20,000 citizens live on this island. Gulang Island is a hot tourist destination because of its romantic and fabulous scenery.

Gulang Island , Xiamen


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