The Unforgettable Journey In Mythic Fall

After having a cozy weekends, I decide to share my experience in Yunnan which happened a few weeks ago. Last Sunday afternoon, when I watched the photos I took in Yunnan, all the details of the journey freshly showed up in my mind. What impressed me most is the trip to Mythic Falls, a heaven-like place.


The story started with three old local women. I guess three of them are older than 60 years old. I and my companies met the three women on the way to Mythic Falls. They were very healthy. Kind is the impression they left to me.



Sometimes, they were left behind by us, but sometimes, they were ahead before us. Every time when we met together on the thin mountain road, they returned kindly smiles to us. We barely spoke to each other on the way to the fall because of the barrier of language. We couldn’t under stand their dialect. However, the smile erased the differences between us and the old women.



We shared the same destination with the three old ladies, Mythic Fall. However, we had different purpose. We visited the fall for astonishing scenery. The old grandmas were coming to worship the holy Gods of the mountain. For this reason, their footsteps were much stable and fast than us.

Even until now, every time I recall the faces and shadows of three women, I still can’t help to admiring them.




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