A Dolphin Day without Dolphin 1

I know my title of this post may sound weird to you. I was planning to out of sea to see the dolphin. However, I didn’t have the good luck to see these cute and smart angels in sea.


The sea in Philippines is really beautiful. Today I got up quite early. The sky was still dark when I went out. I was going to see dolphins. It was a big pity that I didn’t see any dolphins. Capitan kept saying sorry and explained to me why we couldn’t see them. In fact, I was not so disappointed. The reason is, I didn’t expect that I could see dolphins at very beginning.


We spent 1,300 Philippine pesos to rent a boat. It was not expensive at all. There were five people on the boat: the Capitan, our guide, and three guests including me. The boat was big enough for our five people.


Therefore, my dolphin day was called off. I stood on the board, feeling the gentle and cool wind and the shiny sunlight. Every thing was so beautiful! It doesn’t matter whether I saw dolphins or not. I have already enjoyed a nice day. That was enough.



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