A Dolphin Day without Dolphin 2

Like I said before, my friends and I rent a boat to see dolphins. We were not lucky enough to see the dolphins. However, I still have a good time that day.


Sometimes we set so many obstacles for ourselves that we can’t find the easiest way to get what we want. To me, traveling means freedom. It is really good when I can relax myself from the inside of my mind.


The captain and guide kept apologize to us that we couldn’t see any dolphins this time. The captain explained to me that, there were big ships working in this region of sea, the dolphins were all scared away. Therefore, it may be impossible for us to see these cute animals.


Maybe because of getting up too early, our guide looked very tired on the boat. Though we settled the ideal that we would rent his boat next day, he still got up very early and waited us in front of the hotel we checked in. When the captain told us that the dolphins were gone, our guide fell asleep on the board.

I asked the captain that whether he could turn off the engines and let the boat drifting on the sea. He gladly agreed. So instead of seeing cute dolphins, I got the opportunity to appreciate the beautiful scenery of this sea.


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