The Morning of Xitang Ancient Town

Xitang is a typical southern Chinese riverside town. Since I came back from Bohol, several old friends ask me out to visit this ancient town.

Xitang Ancient Town

In fact, I have been to Xitang several times. Every time I came here, I can find something new and interesting. If you are here to look for astonishing views, then you come to the wrong place.

Xitang Ancient Town

Xitang is the place where we can rest our body and our souls. With melodious rhythm and refreshing style, this piece depicts the eye-catching scenery of the watery region in South, and the people’s praise of their new life.

Xitang Ancient Town

Xitang is the synonym of water. It is China’s largest water town. It is so beautiful that just like a piece of Chinese painting.

The morning of Xitang is quite but full of hope and energy. Unlike the city people who are always hurry up on their way to work. People here leisurely enjoy the beautiful morning and the delicious breakfast.

Xitang Ancient Town

Mythic Fall, A Moment Gone

A Moment Gone

by Tsangyang Gyatso

A moment gone, hoisting the wind-horse banners

but not to beg good fortune . . . only to welcome your return.

A day gone, raising the sacred boulder pile

but not to accumulate virtue . . . only to cast a stone in your heart’s pool.

A month gone, setting all the prayer wheels turning

but not to achieve transcendance . . . only to brush your finger tips.

A year gone, prone in the dust of the mountain road

but not to make obeisance . . . only to press into your warmth.

A lifetime gone . . . turning and turning, mountains, rivers, stupas

but not to seek rebirth . . . only to meet you along the way.

yunnan,travel, waterfall 

To the people of Yunnan, Tsangyang Gyatso is their great god. However, in my eyes, he is a romantic poet. (By the way, the poem is originally written in Chinese. I translated this poem into the English version. Hope you guys like it. ) In my last post, I mentioned the three kind women. But I haven’t share the rest of my photos with my dear readers.

yunnan,travel, waterfall

These photos are taken when we got the Mythic Fall. The mountain we climbed is called Meili Snow Mountain. To the local people, the mountain is absolutely holy and pure. In the poem, the poet mentioned about “the sacred boulder pile”.

yunnan,travel, waterfall

In fact, we can see countless scared boulder piles on our way to the holy Mythic Fall. The old grandma told me that, the boulder piles is the place where dead people’s soul can live in. For this reason, local people are very respect to these stone piles.

It was a long journey. I clearly remember that, I was totally exhausted when I was near the destination. However, when I actually saw the Mythic Fall, all my tiredness was gone away. The fall was so amazing!